How to clean high windows-Simple tips & Easy ways

Are you struggling with how to clean high windows? We are afraid to wash high windows. Because we don’t know how to reach a high window & wash them safely. Here You will get easy ways for cleaning high indoor windows.

We mostly skip washing the high windows. But window wash is essential once in a year to make your house clean & attractive. Otherwise, it can create a bad smell, roof damage & a bad outlook.

Here I will share a complete guide to wash your high windows to make your task easier. It will be simple & easy to wash your windows.

How to wash a high window

Washing a high window that is difficult to reach needs some strategy. You can follow several techniques. But here I will share easy & effective ways to wash your unreachable windows. Don’t worry it’s not risky & challenging. Follow my guideline. 

Fixed A Day

Actually, washing a high window needs some preparation. So, it’s not wise to take a sudden decision & jump on it. First, make a proper plan. Find a suitable free time for you, it can be a vacation day. This will help you concentrate on the window wash without disturbance.

Besides, washing windows on a hot summer day causes streaking that needs much effort. Under a hot sun, your dryer will dry the window within a moment. So, you won’t be able to remove dust. As a result, it creates streaks. Moreover, the streaks won’t be removed by rigid rubbing as it is created by your dryer.

Though if you try to clean the window on a hot day, it will dry your cleaner before your washing. As a result, you can’t derive clean, sparkling & attractive windows. Instead of it, you will get partly clean & the remaining part contains streak.

Hence, your concern is to choose the right time when the temperature is below 30. It is ideal for cleaning your windows. Aside from all of these don’t forget to check the weather. Don’t jump on a rainy day.

Grab the right method

Are you looking for how to clean unreachable windows? Cleaning a high or unreachable window is quite risky. So, you need to carefully select a safe method to reach the outer side of the window. You can apply two techniques one is using a ladder & another one is using a long handle.

If you try to wash your windows from inside the window that is highly risky. By any chance, if you elaborate your hands on the outside of the window more than your arms can elaborate then it can create an accident. In case you need to stretch your waist that is also risky for your body.

It’s also important to carefully remove garbage from the windows to avoid damages. You should avoid high weight on the roof or attaching area. Because high weight can damage or detach your window from the roof.

It’s safe & damages free to use a ladder. You can choose any extension or step ladder. Firstly, check the ladder to confirm that you can safely angle it. So, put your toes by touching the ladder & extend your arms out. 

You will be able to touch the rungs of the ladder while you are fixing the ladder angle accurately. Otherwise, change the ladder position to find out the right angle.

You can apply the belt buckle rule to fix the ladder. It’s not mandatory to use a buckle, but maintain that portion of your body within the ladder boundaries all the time.

Don’t try to extend your body too much. It can break your stability & you may fall. In such a case, you need to reposition the ladder.

Ready the window

High windows are rarely washed after a long time. So, the window contains heavy dirt, dust & garbage on both sides. Often you can get some leaves or muck on the outside of the windows. To clean this kind of heavy garbage you need to ready the window.

You can collect a portable tiny vacuum cleaner to remove all leaves, insects, dust, & muck. You can also use a soft brush, it helps to remove the strong stain.

Organize all the components.

To wash your high windows you need the below components. Before starting your work, collect them.

  • Mild detergent or white vinegar.
  • 2-3 buckets.
  • Window cleaning squeegees.
  • Big sponge.
  • Gloves.
  • Glass cleaner without ammonia.
  • Soft towels.
  • Old t-shirt or light clothing.

In case you use old cloth or shirts make sure you never apply softer on them. Because softer may streak on the glass. When cleaning the window please avoid the paper towels.

Wash high window

To wash the exterior window you need to apply white vinegar with a cleaning solution in a bucket. Mix them accurately. Instead of vinegar, you can also mix a mild detergent with water. A small quantity of detergent is enough to make the water soapy. You can make any mixture based on your preference.

Now, put water on the other buckets. It needs to seize the sponge & window squeegee. It’s time to take the sponge into the mixture bucket. Then rub the sponge on the windows to wash it. Then put the squeeze on the water bucket & make it wet to wash the windows. Dry squeegee can’t do it.

Slide the squeegee vertically beneath the window. You should maintain a straight stroke from the initial point. Then stay back to create another stroke & follow the same process to make it. You can overlap the two-stroke partially.

While you are done with a stroke, take the sponge or cloths to remove the edge of the squeegee. After sliding the whole windows with the squeegee & sponge vertically now it’s time to move through the horizontal space. Apply the same technique in time of washing horizontal space.

Now take the towel to wash it. Then take a sponge or dry cloth to dry the interior of the window in case it gets wet. You can apply window cleaner & then use a wet cloth to wash the window.

Finally, remove your cleaner from the window by using a wet cloth. Start rising with the cloth & then quickly dry the window frames. Because wet can damage your wood frame. 


I am discussing a complete guideline to wash your high windows easily without damages. Are you looking for ideas to make your window brighter & sparkling? Then Follow this article.

You don’t need to frequently wash your high windows. It’s better to wash it one day thoroughly & enjoy freshness over a year.

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